Pakistan has rejected India’s request to use Pakistani airspace to let President Ram Nath Kovind fly out for a visit to Iceland.

Pakistan government, who previously faced a backlash for allowing Prime Minister Narendra Modi to fly over last month, has now rejected the request due to the intensifying situation in Kashmir.

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, while commenting on the development, said that India’s atrocities in IoK had compelled Pakistan to take this decision.

He said that the Indian government has deprived people of the valley of fundamental rights as the clampdown has entered the 34th day now.

A terrible injustice is being carried out in occupied Kashmir, and the Indian government has refused to budge from their hard-line position on the issue.

Note that Pakistan is considering fully shutting down its airspace for India. The final decision will be made during the next cabinet meeting.

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