China’s latest stealth capable fighter jet J-35, under development as a part of FC31 project, will start flying in 2021 with production expected to start before 2025, Chinese and US media have reported.

The fifth-generation J-35 is a direct competition for American stealth fighter F-35 and reports state that the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has set its eyes on the new Chinese fighter aircraft in response to India’s purchase of French Rafale.


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According to the experts, the J-35 is a production-ready version of J-31, which bears a strong resemblance to F-35. The J-31 was originally planned to enter into service with the People’s Liberation Army of China by 2019 after being first unveiled in 2012, however, China’s inability to produce high-performance afterburning turbofan engines somewhat halted the progress of the aircraft.

With J-35 likely to be a revamped version of J-31, it is understood that China is confident that it can develop its own high-performance jet engines. The J-31 was earlier powered by Klimov RD-33 engines, the same as being used in Russian MiG-29 jets.


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Experts believe that the J-35 will likely replace fourth-generation fighter J-10 because of its advanced tech and stealthy design. Renowned science and technology magazine, Popular Mechanics, wrote that the J-35 will make the Chinese Air Force more capable than ever.

If the new jet is indeed the J-35 and China builds large numbers of them, it will create a Chinese air force to be reckoned with.

According to the reports, the cost of the fighter jet will be around $70 million. In comparison, the F-35 is valued at $79 million whereas the French Rafale fighter costs $77 million. To maintain balance of power in South Asia, Pakistan will have to buy stealth-capable J-35 multi-role fighter jets in response to India’s Rafale.

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