Pakistan team thanks fans, asks for more prayers





Pakistan’s road to the final of the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy has been nothing short of miraculous.

After their horrendous display in the lopsided defeat to India, not many thought Pakistan would make it out of their group, let alone qualify for the final.

But they overcame all odds and are now just one win away from becoming the champions of a tournament they had trouble qualifying for.

Some feel such a run for such massive underdogs couldn’t have been possible without the prayers of millions and millions of Pakistanis.

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If that’s the case, even more prayers will be needed for the final, and the team has asked their fans to do just that in a newly released video by the Pakistan Cricket Board.

“Pray for us that we also win the final,” says the young Shadab Khan before Fakhar Zaman chips in with: “Congratulations everyone! Pakistan Zindabad!”

“Very happy, very proud, boys were awesome” said coach Mickey Arthur, while semi-final hero Hassan Ali added: “I’m very thankful to Allah. Pray for us so we win the final and bring the cup as an Eid gift.”

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“Keep believing and keep praying for us,” Mohammad Hafeez aka the Professor told the fans, whereas his fellow all-rounder Shoaib Malik said: “Congratulations! It’s the month of Ramazan, keep praying so Allah blesses us all.”


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