Pakistan to be Linked with China Backed Submarine Cable with up to 60Tb Capacity


Pakistan is getting tons of additional internet bandwidth with new submarine cables systems being added almost every second quarter now. The country had just a few hundred GBs of bandwidth only a few years ago and now, Pakistan is currently equipped to tackle several TBs of data every second.


This is going to get only better with this latest submarine cable that will have two landing points in Pakistan — at Gwadar and Karachi — and will stretch across Africa and Europe.

The deployment of this new high-tech submarine cable has commenced.

Named as PEACE (Pakistan East Africa Cable Express) submarine cable will be built by Huawei Marine and is going to be funded by Tropic Science Co., Ltd. (Tropic Science) while managed by the telecom giant PCCW Global headquartered in Hong Kong.

Cybernet and Jazz are going to be local landing and global connectivity partners of PEACE Cable System in Pakistan

While we don’t have official confirmations, some sources suggest that Cybernet and Jazz are going to be the local landing and global connectivity partners of the consortium in Pakistan.

With a total capacity of 60Tbps, PEACE Submarine cable system would be based on 200G DWDM technology.

It is important to note that the existing last generation of cable systems is significantly lower capacity such as AAE-1 (with local partner PTCL) with a design capacity of 40Tbps and SMW-5 (with local partner Transworld) with design capacity of 24Tbps.

Additional information revealed that submarine cable system will initiate in Pakistan (at Karachi and Gwadar), connect to Djibouti and a number of other African, Middle Eastern and European countries and terminate in France in the first phase. In the next phase, it will connect to additional countries in East Asia.

Clearly, the PEACE Submarine Cable System is China’s quest to offer better connectivity between the potentially rich but unexplored African markets, but during the process, Pakistan is going to be a key beneficiary.

Not to mention, China is already helping Pakistan in deploying the Silk Route Fiber Optic Cable and Pakistan-China Fiber Optic Back-Haul — running from China through Khunjerab to Islamabad.

When it becomes operational in 2019, PEACE cable is going to the become Pakistan’s most resourceful submarine cable system to connect with outside world and provide significantly more redundancy to Pakistan’s internet landscape and avoid the type of internet blackouts the country experienced in the past.

More Redundancy

Increased capacity of 60Tbs is one of the features that PEACE will bring in. Another more vital benefit will be redundancy in international bandwidth connectivity as Pakistan still struggles with blackouts when multiple submarine cable systems go offline.

Pakistan faced major internet connectivity issues in the past year when multiple submarine cables went down simultaneously and too within a span of just thirty days.

More importantly, these new cable systems will come with more redundant fiber-optic network with-in Pakistan as well, offering more reliable internet with higher SLAs.

Aamir Attaa

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

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