Pakistani actress Fiza Ali
Pakistani actress Fiza Ali has revealed that her father used to beat her mother badly and even when she was pregnant.

In an interview, Fiza said, “My father once hit my mother so badly that she injured her lower jaw to an extent there was blood everywhere. That is something which the neighbors told me about later on.”

Fiza Ali told that although till now she has told in every single interview that her father was dead but the fact is that she has no clue where he is because he is no longer a part of her life.

She also shared that her father never looked after her mother or his children. He never earned for the family but her mother came from an affluent background, she added.

“My mother did everything for us, she also played the role which my father was supposed to play in our lives. My father means nothing to me, he was my mother’s husband and that’s it,” the actress said.

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