Pakistani cricket fans shut down Rishi Kapoor after great ICC triumph


It hasn’t been so long since June 4th, when India and Pakistan first faced off in the semi-finals of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017. Pakistan lost by a landslide while our friends across the border rejoiced, singing praises for their team’s impressive batting line up and rightfully so.

We can’t deny the Indian cricket team is one of the best in the world, if not the best…

Pakistanis take down Rishi Kapoor after ‘India will BLUE you’ tweet

But sometimes, being called the best can get to your head. And perhaps that’s what happened with Rishi Kapoor. The veteran Bollywood actor very obnoxiously, mocked Pakistanis and their cricket board for a better performance than their previous face off.

Well, it’s no news that team Pakistan came back as a stronger, better and composed team, but they also made sure that no one underestimates them and that they should never be written off.

Soon after the brilliant start from Pakistani batsmen, social media was abuzz, reminding the Bobby star, not so politely, that they still own the game!

Rishi Kapoor’s anti-Pakistan tweets continue and it’s not funny anymore!

Here are some of the hilarious reactions from Pakistani fans who shut the actor down in the most epic way possible.


Comedian Junaid Akram also went on to give his two cents on the matter and aptly tweeted:

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