Pakistani girls soccer team participates in Norway Cup

Pakistani girls soccer team participates in Norway Cup
A Pakistani girls’ team for the first time is participating in Norway Cup- world’s largest tournament for children- taking girls participation in the sport of soccer to a whole new level.

principal sponsor of Diya football club Karachi and president of Alma cultural center Norway, Dr Tina Shagufta explained significance of Pakistani girls’ participation in the world’s largest youth soccer tournament 2017 in Norway.

Dr shagufta said she wants to encourage Pakistani girls, who are full of talent, adding that the world must know their power and abilities.

The project to introduce sports talent of Pakistan in Norway can be called Dr Shagufta’s brainchild. Two years ago, she invited Karachi street children soccer team to Norway.

Pakistan female soccer club Diya is the initiative of Sadia Sheikh, who led her club to Norway. She spent four months to select best members for the team to participate in Norway Cup 2017.

Tournament starts today, Sunday July 30 and will continue till August 5.

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