ISLAMABAD: The opposition staged a strong protest and changed anti-government slogans during the joint session of the parliament which was addressed by President Dr Arif Alvi.

As the session began, the opposition started chanting slogans and surrounded the speaker national assembly rostrums dice as they were holding play cards and pictures of the opposition leaders who were kept in jail over corruption charges.

During their hue and cry president Alvi continued his speech by suggesting them, “Be carry on your protest but hear my address as well.” He was smiling and drinking water while addressing seeing on the prompter.

Amid opposition ruckus, PM Imran Khan wearing headphone was busy in reciting Tasbeeh while the ruling party members were surrounded him to protect likely ugly situation.

During the presidential address, the opposition member Agha Rafiullah and few treasury members scuffled as other opposition members were chanting slogans to disrupt president speech.

The opposition members torn off the copies of the session agenda and thrown them to the president, however, he was smiling throughout their protest.

Originally Posted on Abbtak TV


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