ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court has asked Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf to submit a copy of the detailed order of Election Commission of Pakistan, regarding its funding details, which the party has challenged.

While hearing on Thursday the petition filed by PTI, IHC’s Justice Aamir Farooq presented the reservations put forward by the court registrar’s office, saying a copy of ECP’s detailed order that has been challenged was not attached to the petition.

To this, PTI lawyer Anwar Mansoor told the court they had not received a copy from ECP of the detailed order. He added they took to the court over the short order, fearing the duration for appeal does not end.

When Justice Farooq told the party lawyer to take back the request and submit it afresh with the detailed order, Mansoor said he did not want to take back the petition. Therefore, the PTI lawyer asked the court to allow them to make changes to the already submitted petition and file a copy of the detailed order within seven days.

The court accepted the request and adjourned the hearing.

As per the party lawyer, ECP did not have the jurisdiction to take action over requests filed by citizens under the Political Parties Order, 2002.


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