Patients suffer as doctors boycott OPDs at Jinnah Hospital


KARACHI: Patients at Jinnah Hospital continue to suffer as the Young Doctors Association (YDA) boycotted OPDs for the second consecutive day, reported SAMAA TV. 

“We have been coming here for the past two-three days but are sent back,” says one elderly patient. “I cannot express the amount of difficulty we are facing.”

A woman complained that she was facing difficulties in getting her patient out of the hospital as protesting doctors had blocked various routes.

The YDA are protesting against cases registered against some of their members. The YDA has accused Dr Seemi Jamali, Director Jinnah Hospital, of filing the cases.

“Dr Seemi Jamali filed the case against me with an attendant,” said one protesting doctor. “I was abused and assaulted. This is against my dignity.”

Negotiations between the protesting doctors and Jinnah Hospital’s administration have failed. It seems the next couple of days for will not be good for patients at Jinnah Hospital as OPDs are bound to remain closed.

Story first published: 25th April 2018

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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