PCB approves 100% increase in salaries

PCB approves 100% increase in salaries
PCB approves 100% increase in salaries

KARACHI: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) with the mission of empowering domestic cricket have doubled the salaries of domestic players, while extending their contracts to one year from six months.

Domestic coaches will also benefit from the new system where they have also been handed year-long contracts with increased salaries.

In the last meeting of the current Board of Governors (BoG), which was chaired by outgoing PCB Chairman Shaharyar Khan, the aforementioned terms were agreed in order to help domestic cricket flourish.

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“The salaries of the players have been increased 100% while their six month contracts have been extended to one year,” Domestic Affairs Committee Chairman Shakeel Shaikh said after the meeting.

“Meanwhile, board has increased the salaries of domestic coaches too and introduced incentives for them. They will be working with domestic players throughout the year now, and the out-station coaches will also be provided with living stipend,” he added.

Shakeel added that board’s primary focus is to spend money on the players to improve the domestic structure of Pakistan cricket. “We have also agreed to introduce a T20 league for the U-19 players to help them gain experience. The performers will eventually participate in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) from where finished product can be inducted into the national team,” he said.

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While the stadiums in Pakistan are in sub-standard conditions, Shakeel promised that work is being done to develop better the pitches and grounds in all 12 cricket stadiums to improve the standards of domestic cricket.

Move welcomed

Karachi Region’s bowling coach Saleem Jaffer told The Express Tribune that PCB’s initiative will help players and coaches set long-term goals

“The coaches will be able to give proper time to the players and their teams without any other worries,” he said. “Even if the coach has to go out of the city for a month or so, it will not be a problem now. This will help the players too to work more on their fitness,” he said.

Meanwhile, Hyderabad team coach Tahir Mehmood also welcomed PCB move.

“Earlier we couldn’t spend enough time with the players, but now with extended contracts, we would be able to invest more energy. Also, players will be available to us throughout the year,” he explained.

“Players would not be interested in training after their six-month contract ended. But now, they will be able to work more on their fitness and we can focus on providing them with quality training.”

He concluded that players who are not associated with departments will extract maximum benefit from this move as they will be able to concentrate on cricket as a full-time job.

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