PCB cuts number of players for central contracts to increase salary


The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has reduced the number of cricketers in the central contract in order to increase the salaries of the players.

The cricket board has decided to issue contract to 25 instead of 35 players.

The players in the ‘A’ category will be paid Rs1 million instead of Rs0.5 million while those placed in the ‘B’ category in will be paid Rs0.7 million instead of Rs0.35 million.

The PCB will pay Rs0.5 million to players in the ‘C’category while those in ‘D’ category will get Rs0.3 million.

The cricket board has put all-rounder Mohammad Hafeez in the ‘B’ category instead of the ‘A’ category. Babar Azam has been promoted from ‘B’ category to ‘A’ category.

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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