Persons not Matters Institutions Should Make Strong: Qamar


Islamabad (August 1, 2017): Opponent candidate of PPP Naveed Qamar, who secured 47 votes, said that persons not matters today Shahid Khaqan is PM and yesterday was Nawaz Sharif but institutions should be made strong.

“We should make parliament center of all decision and whenever we face any trouble we should consult parliament, ” he said underlining the importance of parliament.

Naveed Qamar continued, “Parliament will become stronger when all policies will be drafted here.”

The joint Candidate of PTI and PML-Q Sheikh Rasheed, who secured 33 votes, said that PM has highlighted several issue but did not talk over the foreign policy.

He alleged that present government has lent loan of 35 billion dollars in four years and dragged the country in huge owes.

“I am thankful of PTI and PML-Q for trust as PM candidate,” he said.

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