After the recent crash of the unfortunate Airbus A320 that martyred at least 97 people including the entire plane crew, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has decided to overhaul the flight operations control system to avoid such happenings.

PIA’s ill-fated domestic flight PK-8303 from Lahore to Karachi, which crashed just a few kilometers away from the destination, reportedly developed a technical fault before the accident.


Pakistani Team Investigated The Plane Crash As Per International Standards: Airbus

Initial investigations have revealed that its landing gear failed to open in time that caused the plane to land on its bottom during the botched landing attempt, dragging both engines on the runway. The incident caused both engines to catch fire, which resultantly translated into the fatal crash.

However, the PIA management is now eying to import a state of the art air flight operations system from a Turkey-based IT company.


Investigations Determine PIA Crew Was Responsible for Boeing 777 Accident

The national flag-carrier has issued a press release in this regard. It says:

The new system has been approved by the International Civil Aviation which will help improve the airlines’ overall safety standards and processes that have been dwindling for the past few decades.

The new system will also help monitor departure and arrival flights easily.

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