Pakistan International Airways (PIA) has suspended the lunch and dinner facility for its crew and staff members due to the lockdown in foreign countries.

The facility was provided to restrict the movement of staff to prevent the spread of the virus; staffers were served meals at their hotel rooms.

But, on Tuesday, the crew members were informed through an email that the facility will not be given any more. They were told that the provision of breakfast will continue as before.


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Pilots and crew members who are bringing stranded Pakistan from other countries may face difficulties due to the suspension of this facility.

It is worth mentioning here that the national flag carrier had previously suspended meal services on its flights to countries in the Middle East on May 12 due to the virus. A letter issued by the airline said that PIA will only provide juice and beverages to passengers.


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As per Management’s Directive, only beverage service (water, soft drinks, juices & Black/Green Tea & Coffee) for pax (passengers) will be uplifted on all middle-east sector flights i.e. Pak-Middle-East-Pak, till further instruction.

However, the cockpit and cabin crew members will be given breakfast as well.

Flight carriers around the world are taking measures to stop the spread of coronavirus, though many European countries have removed the lockdown, movement is still a risky business.

As many countries are not reopening hotels and cafeterias which means that staffers will face problems in this regard.

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