Pizza Max Fined On Poor Hygiene


Karachi (February 23, 2018): AbbTakk TV’s program ‘Khufia’ has always been highlighting public issues and compelling concerned departments to resolve the masses’ problems.

‘Khufia’ moved the concerned authorities to fine these major brands for their negligence and violation of food act. ‘Khufia’ feel proud that the food chains increased their standards for safe food. It is only ‘Khufia’ team, who dared to expose the international food chains.

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Today ‘Khufia’ team planned to expose a renowned food chain Pizza Max. ‘Khufia’ team took notice of the public complaints about Pizza Max on social media and decided to visit Pizza Max, Tariq Road branch.

It is pertinent to mention here that ‘Khufia’ team do not take notice of any complaint without having concrete evidences. Hence, ‘Khufia’ team asked its sources to confirm the standards of safe food and sanitary condition of the outlet, situated at Tariq Road.‘Khufia’ team also got agreed an employee of the food chain to give information and inside pictures of the outlet. The videos, pictures and the information provided by the employee compelled the ‘Khufia’ team to expose the food chain who was playing with the health of their customers.Filthy kitchen, dilapidated floor, mud, dirt, older cold rink machine, grimy pane and water storage tank exposed the unhygienic condition of the food chain.

Assistant commissioner raided pizza max on public complaints and fined 45k.Assistant Commissioner Muhammad Ali also received many complaints about unhygienic condition and violation of food act at the Pizza Max. The assistant commissioner decided to pay surprise visit the Pizza Max, situated at Tariq Road.‘Khufia’ team accompanied by the AC Muhammad Ali arrived at the Pizza Max. The team found itself in another world, when they entered in the kitchen.The kitchen was quite different from the dining hall. The AC also realized the change and said that what a bad place it is to cook pizza.An employ told Muhammad Ali that he was working at the outlet for two and half years and he was never vaccinated. He said fumigation is conducted twice in a month here.The AC took notice of a dustbin placed near the stove, where pizzas are being backed. ‘Khufia’ team drew the AC attention toward the filthy pane. During the inspection, the assistant commissioner found a shopper of rotten potatoes in the kitchen.During the inspection, the assistant commissioner found a shopper of rotten potatoes in the kitchen. Foul smell was emitting from the shopper. The assistant commissioner ordered to throw out the shopper.

The team found chicken meat at the floor and when asked an employee about the chicken meat, he replayed that the meat is placed on the floor for washing.

Imported mozzarella cheese and cheddar chicken were being used in the kitchen but there was no sign or certificate of ‘Halal’ on its packing. The outlet was using the LPG in a most unsafe manner. The LPG cylinder could destroy the whole building, if fire erupts there.The team observed that almost all electric wires was open and a short circuit could bring major destruction in the building.

On the other hand, Pizza Max management told the commissioner that they had vaccinated all the employees. The Pizza Max manager said that all the vaccinating and emergency training data is saved at the head office. Muhammad Ali told the manager that your employee had revealed the truth before him.The assistant commissioner termed the gas cylinder, open wires and burnt switches major threats to human lives. He urged the management to ensure employs’ cleanliness and follow the food safety laws.The manager told the assistant commissioner that the could rink machine was installed here recently and the employs were cleansing it. AC Muhammad Ali also complained about the dust around the cap of the water tank.The assistant commissioner fined Pizza Max, Tariq Road Branch of Rs 45,000 and gave one-month deadline to remove all the issues.

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