PM Calls for Joint Efforts for Development of Pakistan


Islamabad (April 11, 2018): The Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi urged on Wednesday joint efforts for the progress of the country as government has taken the concrete steps to achieve durable development growth targets.

Addressing to an international conference on local governments role in getting durable development targets in Islamabad, PM Abbasi said that local bodies tantamount to nursery for the politicians in Pakistan.

“Dispute always existed among the parliamentarians and member local governments, however balance should be maintained between parliament and local government,” he urged.He mentioned that local bodies always played vital role in uplift projects and to move forward the development process the joint efforts of member parliamentarians and local bodies essential.

He said that Pakistani politicians were trying to bring maximum resources as politicians and member parliamentarians could not neglect development works.

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Originally Posted on Abbtak TV


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