ISLAMABD: Firdous Ashiq Awan on Tuesday said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had directed the Sindh Rangers to ensure supply of goods from Sindh is maintained after it was found the provincial government had failed to implement a transport agreement “in true spirit”.

Awan, in a media briefing following a meeting between the cabinet, said that the prime minister expressed displeasure “in strong words” over the fact that despite the National Coordination Committee’s decision for all four provinces, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Azad Jammu and Kashmir to keep transport lines open for essential goods, the Sindh government did not implement the same.

Awan said that all export and import takes place through the Sindh shipping port and due to administrative measures and a transport lockdown, exporters are facing challenges.

“The supply goes all the way to Gilgit-Baltistan. With no loaders present or those who pack goods or a lack of facilities, the supply chain is facing a delay.

“Rangers will ensure all obstacles in the transport of goods are removed and the transport of goods is secured and ensured,” said Awan.

Originally Posted on Abbtak TV


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