Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that severe punishments should be given to rapists, such as public hanging and chemical castration, to control sexual abuse. The premier made these remarks on Monday during an interview with a local news channel.

Commenting on the motorway gang-rape case that caused a countrywide uproar, PM Khan said that rapists and pedophiles should be publicly hanged.

They (rapists) should be given exemplary punishments. In my opinion, they should be hanged at the chowk.


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The Prime Minister confirmed having considered the punishment of public hanging for rapists in the cabinet meeting.

Unfortunately, when we had the discussion, [we were] told it would not be internationally acceptable.

According to PM Imran, the country’s GSP-Plus trade status given to us by the European Union will be affected.

Khan, however, said that that the government is mulling another option for such crimes – chemical or surgical castration of the culprit. He noted that this punishment is practiced in several countries around the world.


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What is chemical or surgical castration?

Castration is a process to reduce male convicts’ sexual ability through chemical or surgical means.

As viewed by the premier, at least three countries – two of them in Europe – have castration laws for rapists. These are Indonesia, Ukraine, and the Czech Republic.

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