PM May Refuses to Apologize over Bailfour Declaration


London(November 3, 2017): British Prime Minister Theresa May rejected Palestinian calls for her country to rescind the famous Balfour Declaration, which recognized the right of the Jewish people to have a state in their historic homeland.

“When some people suggest we should apologize for this letter, I say absolutely not,” May said late Thursday night.

She spoke at a special closed gala to mark 100 years since the former British foreign secretary Lord Alfred James Balfour issued the 67-word document.

Although Israel and Great Britain have been at odds lately over some central issues including the Iran deal and Israeli settlements, May delivered a very strong speech in support of the Jewish state and the role her country had in creating it.

In 1917, May said, “the idea of establishing a homeland for the Jewish people would have seemed a distant dream for many; and been fiercely opposed by others.

“It’s time for the Palestinians to end their quest to eliminate Israel. It’s time for them not just to accept a Jewish national home.

It’s time for them to accept finally a Jewish state, a nation state for the Jewish people because of they do, the conflict will be over in a minute,” Netanyahu said.

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