PM objects to ISI official’s inclusion in JIT


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Monday filed objections against the JIT members, one week after the report by the investigative team was made public. The premier has also objected to the inclusion of the ISI officer in the Joint Investigation Team.

According to details, the Prime Minister’s attorney alleged that when the JIT was formed, the ISI official did not even hold office in the intelligence agency.

He further claimed that news of the ISI officer’s appointment in the JIT came to knowledge via  source. “A source employee does not hold any legal value,”claimed the premier’s lawyer.

It was also stated that the salary of the ISI representative in the JIT was not disclosed in official government papers.

Objections against other JIT members

Nawaz Sharif’s lawyer also raised objections on other members of the JIT. The premier’s lawyer claimed that SECP Executive Director Bilal Rasool enjoyed close relations with PTI and PML-Q.

Regarding SBP officer Amer Aziz, an objection was raised against him citing the reason that during Gen. (r) Musharraf’s era, he had taken part in the investigation of the Hudaibiya Paper Mills.

An objection was also raised against JIT head Wajid Zia on the grounds that he had allegedly assistance from his cousin’s help in the investigation.

“According to the law, assistance from a private firm cannot be sought,” claimed the Prime Minister’s lawyer.

The petition filed on behalf of the Prime Minister in the Supreme Court urged the apex court to
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Story first published: 17th July 2017

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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