ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister, Imran Khan will visit Saudi Arabia en-route to New York on September 19, 2019, aimed at reminding the Crown Prince, Muhammad Bin Salman of pledges made during his visit to Pakistan.

PM Imran Khan is consulting with his close aides on follow-ups/updates on the commitments made by the Crown Prince, the sources added.

“PM will remind the Crown Prince that though he fulfilled his commitment with respect to release of prisoners and depositing $3 billion in State Bank of Pakistan and sale of oil on deferred payment, nothing concrete has come to Pakistan with respect to investment in refinery or chemical sector,” the sources added.

Saudi Arabia recently invested $75 billion in India to acquire 20 per cent stake in Reliance Industries. Initially, Prime Minister intended to visit the UAE but this idea has been shelved.

PM will leave for the US from SA to attend Un general assembly session as during the visit he will meet US president twice.

Originally Posted on Abbtak TV


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