Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan has warned of increasing the burden on hospitals and existing health facilities if the people do not follow SOPs seriously.

Talking to volunteers of Corona Relief Tiger Force in Islamabad on Thursday, he said it is essential to make common people understand the importance of following precautionary measures.

He said if people follow the SOPs in letter and spirit, the spread of disease could be curtailed. He said the next month is crucial and if we are able to convince people to adopt maximum precautionary measures, the peak of the disease could pass.

The Prime Minister said the administration is already stretched to their limits and we do not want to put additional pressure on them.

Imran Khan said volunteers are very important as they have played an important role in all countries in stemming the tide of the pandemic.

Praising volunteers and Corona Relief Tiger Force, the Prime Minister said youth is our future and they also have to play a key role in the upcoming rainy season by planting maximum trees unprecedented in the history of the country.

Originally Posted on Abbtak TV


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