PML-N Leaders Turn Social Media into PM Public Support Tool


Islamabad (July 17, 2017): The leaders and the workers of the PML-N have actively flocked to the social media and with their immediate updates turned it into PM Nawaz Sharif public support tool as the “Qadam Barhao Daty Raho Nawaz Sharif” [Stay Strong Nawaz Sharif] had already been become the popular trend on social media.

The leaders of ruling party PML-N not only strongly fighting in supreme court and electronic media for their leadership but they actively defending PM Nawaz Sharif on social media as well. Qadam Barhao Nawaz Sharif has already been included in top trends and hundreds of thousands stormed to twitter and  sends messages  with highlighting PM’s development work particularly China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

One supporter wrote; lot of workers ready to sacrifice their lives on you as his leader will emerge victorious from Supreme Court.

Another supporter mentioned that… During the Nawaz regime uplift work expedite in Karachi and operation against terrorists that brought peace.

Some social media experts commenting on the trend said that whatever the SC decision announced the people on social media supporting the PM continuously.

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