PML-N Likely to Elect Nawaz Party Head in Oct 3 Huddle


Lahore (September 29, 2017): The ruling party Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) has summoned crucial general council meeting on October 3 and it is most likely that they will elect deposed prime minister Nawaz Sharif as party head again after the passage of electoral bill in senate that paved the way for disqualified person to become party head.

According to the details, deposed PM Nawaz Sharif, who had to step down as Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief after his disqualification from holding public office under the top court’s Panama Papers case verdict, is set to be elected the head of the party again on October 3.

Sources told the Abbtakk News that general council will elect ousted PM Nawaz Sharif as party leader again.

On the other hand, President Mamnoon Hussain has summoned the National Assembly session on October 2 and PML-N will try to get passed the electoral bill 2017 from lower house as well.After the passage of bill from NA President will sign the bill and it will become part of law.

Sources revealed that taking the advantage of expected passage of bill, ruling party will elect Nawaz Sharif as new party head.

The recent passage of the Elections Bill 2017– a set of laws to reform the country’s election system – by both the lower and upper houses of parliament has already paved the way for the former prime minister to once again take the helm of the PML-N.

As the bill has already been passed by the National Assembly, it will only be returned to the lower house on October 2 for fresh votes on the Senate’s amendments. Given the PML-N’s majority in the lower house, this should be smooth sailing. On the same day, the bill will would land on President Mamnoon Hussain’s desk for a signature approving it as law.Electoral Bill: Senate Paves Way for Nawaz Sharif to Lead PartyAmong the new laws introduced to the bill was an amendment to Section 5 of the PPO. The amendment allows every citizen who is not a government servant to form a political party or hold any office of a political party.

Introduced during Musharraf’s era, PPO Section 5 (1) says that every citizen, not being in the service of Pakistan, has the right to form or be a member of a political party or be otherwise associated with a political party or take part in political activities or be elected as an office-bearer of a political party.

But the clause currently has a proviso, which reads “Provided that a person shall not be appointed or serve as an office-bearer of a political party if he is not qualified to be, or is disqualified from being, elected or chosen as a member of Parliament under Article 63 of the Constitution…or under any other law for the time being in force”.Major reforms approved in Elections Bill 2017

That clause disappeared in the bill. When the bill was passed in the National Assembly, it went unnoticed.

It was only during voting on the bill in the Senate that leader of the opposition Aitzaz Ahsan brought the development to the notice of the house and proposed an amendment in the relevant law passed by the National Assembly.

Ahsan proposed an amendment to clause 203 (1) of the new election laws with a new proviso stating: “provided that the person shall not be appointed or serve as an office-bearer of a political party if he is not qualified to be, or is disqualified from being, elected or chosen as a member of the parliament under any law for the time being in force”.Law minister Zahid Hamid opposed the amendment, which led to the chairman calling a vote count. To the opposition’s surprise, Ahsan was outvoted by one vote, with 37 for and 38 against, despite the government’s numerical inferiority.

Earlier,  PML-N has lost party election symbol of Sher [Lion] for not holding intra-party elections after disqualification of party head Nawaz Sharif.

The election commission of Pakistan issued notice to the PML-N interim secretary general Ahsan Iqbal for submission of reply in this connection on October 3.PML-N in Troubled Water After Losing Party Election SymbolECP Notification said party could not use party symbol ‘Lion” till the intra-party election.

According to details, PML-N constitution suggests that election of new party head must be held within 45 days, however PML-N failed to abide its own constitution and did not hold party election after the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif.

It is essential for the ruling party to hold party election before the NA-4 by-poll, in case of failure it could not be able to use its party symbol.

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