PML-N president says never raised a penny in UK


Says PTI should go through its bank statement to find  facts but present its statements too      

LONDON: Pakistan Muslim  League-Nawaz (PML-N) UK’s  President Zubair Gull has challenged  Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf  (PTI) to go through the public  record of PMLN’s dormant registered  company in the UK and  find any wrongdoing.  Zubair Gull reacted after the  PTI alleged on Wednesday that  the PML-N was getting funds  from foreign countries, including  London, and had set up an  account to raise funds.  Zubair Gull said that the PTI  had made allegations without  making any research and deliberately  tried to be dishonest and  malicious. He said the PML-N  (UK)was formalised in the summer  of 2015 and a company limited  (Company Registration No:  09781563) by guarantee and not  for profit-making was set up to  protect and formalise the PML-N  (UK) party. “This is public  knowledge available from Companies  House. Along with this in  the public domain is the fact that  we are a non-profit organisation.  As part of the registration  process a bank account was  opened with Lloyds Bank (Sort  Code: 309451, Account:  48646568) using a total sum of  £5. A nominal sum of one pence  was transacted to make the account  live. Since the company’s  inception and to date no transaction  has taken place and this can  be seen from the Companies  House and the Lloyds Bank  statement. Thismeans nomoney  has gone into the account or left  the account. A total of £4.99 was  in the account when it was  opened and remains the substantive  sumto date.”  Gull explained that the trading  address, used to set up company,  is a showroom on Romford  Road in East London used  as the PML-N office, donated by  a party activist Mr Fazal-ur-  Rahman who also uses the majority  of the same building and  trading address for his personal  business Wardag Corporation  Limited. “This business has  nothing to do with the PML-N  (UK). The PTI had made allegations  against us because we are  asking themto showbank statements  in which foreign funds  have been received and they are  refusing to do so.”  Fazal-ur-Rahman, who runs  Wardag Corporation Limited,  said he was shocked when he  heard PTI spokesman suggesting  that it could be “Maulana Fazlur  Rehman” using this address  for “money laundering”.  He clarified: “I personally  own the property and business  located at this address. This  business has nothing to do with  the PML-N (UK). As a loyal  party worker I have for a number  of years donated the front  office on the main road to PMLN  (UK) for its meetings and  postal correspondence and for  it to be used as a registered address.  I am seeking legal advice  against the PTI for maligning  my good name and bringing my  business into disrepute.”     

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