There are reports that the Pakistan Ordinance Factory (POF) is set to become the first public institution to have zero-emissions vehicles. POF will reportedly also save up to Rs. 734.3 million monthly after they switch their transports fleet to EVs.

The POF has asked for proposals for pre-qualification of organizations for EVs as well as a complete infrastructure of e-vehicle charging units. As per the ad, they are planning on introducing EVs in its transport fleet for the government’s Green Energy Policy. A total of 523 vehicles will be replaced with EVs.


Pakistan is Getting an Electric Vehicle Plant With 30,000 Unit Capacity

Shaukat Qureshi, Head of Pakistan Electric Vehicles and Parts Manufacturers and Traders Association (PEVPMTA) told the media that they are in touch with POF and helping them out with this. The EVs had already been tested and trialed for 8 months in the country allowing them to be modified and be perfect for the conditions.

He said, “We have all technical details where POF has shallow information of EVs as it’s not in cc rather in KVs. He further added, “Electric vehicles would prove to be a game changer where it would help Pakistan reduce its US$1.5 billion in lieu oil import Bill. Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) had raised its concerns over losing Rs22-30 levy imposed of oil fuel whereas it would still be gaining profit in terms of dollars saved by reducing oil import.”

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