Police Arrest Accused Involved in Raping, Killing Seminary Student


Faisalabad (November 04, 2017): Police arrested an accused allegedly involved in raping and killing an eight-year-old seminary student in Faisalabad. 

The alleged murder turned out to be a student of the same seminary and a 16-year old boy.

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Police said they have arrested the boy who sexually assaulted an old-year student of a seminary and pushed him down the roof in Faisalabad. The accused also confessed to killing another student of the same seminary eight months back.

Two days back, body of eight-year-old Ramzan was found outside a seminary in an area of Ali Garden in Faisalabad. Police said the body bore torture marks.However, when the police arrested the 16-year-old boy over suspicion, among others, he confessed to killing Ramzan.

During interrogation, the accused also told the police he killed another student, nine-year-old Noor Agha, of the seminary and threw his body in an empty plot near by after wrapping it in a burlap sack eight months back.

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