Police Arrest Wanted Criminals In Lahore


Lahore(February 06, 2018): Police have arrested wanted criminals in different cases from different areas of Lahore.

Islampura Police have arrested the gang involved in snatching cash from a bank. According to Police, 11 lacs of cash, motorcycles, and weapons have also been recovered.

Meanwhile investigation wing of city division police have arrested Hassan, Waqas and Shakeel and recovered 8 lacs of cash, 6 motorcycles and 2 pistols of 32 bore.

According to the accused, one of them used to watch over the bank, while others two used to wait outside the bank to snatch cash from citizens on gun point.On the other hand, Misri Shah police have also arrested the murderer of Naeem and recovered the weapon of murder as well.

According to the police, the accused killed Naeem on suspicion of having a relation with his sister.

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