Home Pakistan Police arrested PM Imran Khan's Nephew Hassaan Niazi

Police arrested PM Imran Khan's Nephew Hassaan Niazi

Police arrested PM Imran Khan's Nephew Hassaan Niazi
Hassaan Niazi
Police in Punjab raided the Prime Minister Imran Khan’s nephew’s house, Hassaan Niazi , after video footage showed him taking part in a violent lawyers’ attack on a hospital.

Niazi, a lawyer himself, was not present in his house at the time of the raid, according to the police officials.

PM Imran – who is currently on a visit to Saudi Arabia – has not commented on his nephew.

“The Prime Minister of Pakistan’s nephew’s house and other premises, such as farmhouse and business places were raided,” Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan, the information minister of Punjab province, told reporters on Saturday.

“He will be arrested at any cost… all are equal in the eye of the law,” the minister, who belongs to Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, added.

Chohan said that Niazi had stated on his Twitter account that he had nothing to do with the PTI.

Three patients died after some 200 lawyers stormed the Punjab Heart Institute hospital in the eastern Lahore city, vandalizing property and setting on fire a police van after a dispute with doctors.

As many as 54 people were arrested for the Lahore lawyers’ attack, according to Chauhan, who added that 47 have been sent to jail on judicial remand while seven had been sent to jail on physical remand.

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