Post-mortem: The funds are real, the schools are not


Education departments of various provinces are getting funds but not building schools. Where there are schools, there are no teachers to teach–instead ghost employees who are taking salaries for doing nothing. 

There are 900 schools that exist only on paper in Balochistan where 300,000 students have been shown to be enrolled.

Adnan Adil said during SAMAA’s transmission that 12,000 government schools have closed down in Punjab since 2013. He said that schools were being handed over to NGOs and private foundations.

Ahmad Waleed said that more than half of the children in Punjab were opting for private schools. This was due to the lack of quality education that was being imparted by government schools.

He said that Danish schools were not imparting quality education to children in the province.

Tariq Afaq from Peshawar said that the PTI government has built schools in the province during its tenure. During the past four-and-a-half years, the PTI government has constructed 843 schools in Peshawar.

Government schools in Sindh lack basic facilities

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Ali Hasnain takes us to a government school in Karachi where the walls are in bad shape and the washrooms are in terrible condition.

“We don’t drink water from here, we bring it with us,” said one student.

The school is also deprived of electricity and its washrooms are in extremely poor shape.

“We bring water from the cooler for use when we go to the washroom,” said another student.

There are only a few rooms in the school that contain desks—in the rest of the classes, students sit on the floor.

The education department has been receiving funds from EU, USAID and other organisations but the conditions of schools refuse to change.

66% government schools in Sindh are without electricity, 49% without washrooms, 53% without water while 44% do not contain even four walls.

Education and Balochistan: A look at the numbers

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Balochistan government has officially revealed that it has spent a huge sum of Rs 200 billion in the past four-and-a-half years. The situation on ground tells a different tale altogether as buildings of most schools in the province are damaged.

Teachers are also scarce in schools throughout the province.

The government claims that 37 percent of males and 15 percent of females in Balochistan are literate. Children who are deprived of education in the province number around 1,800,000.

There are 5,000 schools in Balochistan that have only one room and one teacher.

Balochistan has 900 ghost schools

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There are 900 schools in Balochistan that exist only on paper that are nowhere to be seen in reality. On paper, 300,000 students are seeking education in these schools.

Balochistan government’s education department gets funds to run and maintain these schools.

Since these schools do not exist, the question is–where are the funds going?

It is due to the existence of such ghost schools that the literacy rate in Balochistan is quite low and funds are scarce to build schools where quality education is imparted to children.

Story first published: 9th April 2018

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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