LAHORE: Postmortem report of Amir Masih showed he was subjected to brutal torture in police custody.

Postmortem report found torture marks on Amir’s hands, back and arms with some broken ribs.

Police have taken investigation officer Zeeshan, investigation incharge Nasir Baig and complainant Rana Haneef into the custody.

Earlier, CCTV footage was surfaced on media in which police officers in informal dress were seen beating, kicking and dragging Amir to the hospital.

Police had reportedly shifted him to a private hospital four days later after the arrest for multiple injuries inflicted on him.

The video purports to show policeman and Amir Masih in front of the hospital where he was brought on a motorcycle.

The footage shows policemen in plainclothes kicking the victim as he falls to the ground before being dragged into the medical facility.

Originally Posted on Abbtak TV


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