PPP hits back at Imran over Zardari acquittal criticism


Islamabad, 28 August 2017: Pakistan Peoples Party Senator Rubina Khalid in response to the hue and cry by PTI leader Imran Khan on Courts verdict of acquitting Asif Ali Zardari in assets’ reference case said that the former president fought legal battle for 19 years to get justice and spent over 11 years in prison without any conviction and in the end came out victorious and proven innocent.

She said that it is ironic that a man (Imran Khan) whose father was dismissed from government service on corruption charges is showing discontent on this acquittal.

:On one hand Asif Ali Zardari faced false charges against him in courts and on the other Imran Khan is running away from courts.  Charges of corruption, immoral behavior and embezzlement in government funds are being leveled against Imran Khan by no other than his own party members.

People of KP know Imran Khan very well and are also aware of his corruption and corrupt and immoral practices, Senator Rubina Khalid said.

Senator Rubina Khalid said that Imran Khan’s show has flopped and he is on downhill track of his political career. Imran Khan is irritated because his umpires have ditched him, she concluded. – APP

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Story first published: 28th August 2017

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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