KARACHI: It is revealed in the investigation of the Karachi Plane crashed that Pilot of the plane neglected thrice instruction of the approach radar while rubbing traces on the runway also found.

An inquiry team constituted to probe into the PIA plane crash in Karachi inspected the runway of the Jinnah International Airport.

The runway bore marks from both engines hitting the ground, according to the Civil Aviation Authority. While the inquiry team viewed landing attempts captured by cameras installed on the runway.

The pilot, Sajjad Gul, attempted to land on the runway but the plane’s landing gear didn’t work. When both engines hit the runway, he took off again and made a second attempt.

The aircraft made the second attempt after remaining airborne for 13 minutes, according to aviation sources.

Patches were eroded at four different spots on the runway. The footage from the runway cameras was handed over to the inquiry team.

The team is supposed to issue a preliminary statement regarding the crash by June 22.

An A-320 aircraft of the PIA crashed in Karachi’s Model Colony on May 22. There were 99 people on board, including eight crew members. Only two people survived the crash.

Originally Posted on Abbtak TV


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