Home Showbiz Project Ghazi is a superhero film that learned from the past

Project Ghazi is a superhero film that learned from the past

Project Ghazi is a superhero film that learned from the past
Project Ghazi is a superhero film that learned from the past
After the issues that Project Ghazi went through on its initial premiere in 2017, I was concerned about the film.

There were evident problems and improvements I wanted to see. By the time the film was readied for re-release by its producers on March 29 2019, I was in a limbo, stuck between hopeful and skeptical. There was ample time to improve but how much could be improved?

The ‘Project Ghazi’ that the film’s title refers to is an experiment by specialist Dr Ziad (Talat Hussain) whereby soldiers are enhanced so that their abilities are at maximum capacity – a nod to Captain America and the like. 15 years from the project, Salaar (Humayun Saeed) is the only surviving soldier around, due to a sacrifice made by his partner Taimur.

Taimur’s son, Zain (Sheheryar Munawar) has inherited these super genetics from his father, although he is unaware of the origins of his abilities. When scientists and others involved in ‘Project Ghazi’ are targeted and super villain Kataan (Adnan Jafar) plans to drown the city in chaos, Zain must team up with Salaar to put a stop to it all.

Considering I had no idea what had happened in the original film, I was pretty happy to be able to locate a cohesive plot in the upgraded Project Ghazi.

I have to say this. Watching Project Ghazi after having seen the original, the improvements made weren’t subtle at all. The audio was clearer, the timeline more logical and the CGI rendered to an acceptable state.

The scenes spent in confusing silence in the 2017 version had dialogues! I couldn’t help but exclaim “Oh so that’s what this was” on numerous occasions.

The crew behind the film utilised the year and a half they had since the original premiere quite well and not only does it show, but it made me happy. This is the power of proper post-production.

As the film progressed I realised that my viewing experience was affected by my comparing it to the 2017 version. For that reason, I may be appreciating the movie’s improvements more than a general audience would.

However, I needed to see the movie as a stand-alone project. Sure, there were improvements but does Project Ghazi hold up on its own, keeping in mind that this is the only version the audience will be watching?

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