The government recently announced to launch two new channels after recording poor performance of all state-owned channels. One of the two channels has already been launched by the government.


Speaker National Assembly Ayaz Sadiq and Minister for Information Maryam Aurangzeb inaugurated the “PTV Parliament” channel, which has already started its test transmission.

PTV Parliament

The Speaker told, at the ceremony, that the purpose of this channel is to share more information with the public about the parliament proceedings. PTV Parliament will telecast assembly and cabinet meetings live on a daily basis. Ayaz Sadiq added that students from different universities were invited every now and then to observe the proceedings as well.


PTV is Launching Two New Channels Despite Losses

Maryam Aurangzeb, speaking at the launching ceremony held at PTV headquarters in Islamabad, told;

This is the first phase of the Parliament Channel and in future, it will become a full-fledged channel and the next Parliament will have its role to improve its working.

Ayaz Sadiq also spoke at the event saying;

By doing this we have opened doors of the parliament to everyone and this channel will help create awareness among the general public about the importance and functions of parliament.

The government aims to generate feedback from the public as well after this initiative. The speaker added that they received a lot of suggestions from the public about election reforms. The initiative will help people understand how their elected officials raise the issues in the parliament. The channel will bridge the gap between the public and their elected representatives and will help evaluate their performance, Aurangzeb added.

The content on the channel will be broadcast under the guidance of Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services (PIPS).

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