Punjab Demands Big Dams on Emergency Basis in IRSA Meeting


Islamabad (September 29, 2017): The Punjab has demanded the construction of new big dams on emergency basis during the Indus River System Authority (IRSA) meeting which has decided 20 per cent less water to Sindh and Punjab for next crop season.

The development were made in IRSA meeting presided over by the chairman Mazhar Ali Shah.

The meeting reviewing the water distribution for Khareef season and water availability for Rabi season has decided Punajb and Sindh will get 20 per cent less water for next crop season, Rabi.

Talking to media after the meeting, IRSA spokesperson Khalid Adress said that due to continuous decline in water availability  Punjab has demanded the construction of huge dams while IRSA decided to make study over the water capacity situation of Tebela and Mangla dams.

He also apprised that 23 million acter feet water will be available for the Rabi season which will commence from October 1 as system losses will cause the loss of 2.2 million acre-feet (MAF) that will cut the water to province and they will get 29.5 million acre-feet water on head canals.

“Sindh and Punjab will get 20 per cent less water for next season against their shares, however KP and Balochsitan will get the full share,” he said.

He claimed that the representatives of provinces and wapda officials expressed trust over the Khareef season water distribution .

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