PZM holds Pakistan Zindabad rally in Lower Dir


Reported by: Zahid Jan

LOWER DIR: Thousands took part in a ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ rally organised in support of the army.

The rally was held at the Rest House Ground at Timergera. A large number of people carrying the national flag attended the rally.

President of Dir Pakistan Zindabad Movement Sheikh Amjad, JUI-F Provincial President Gul Naseeb Khan and other spoke to participants of the rally.

“We harbour no differences when it comes to Islam and Pakistan,” said Gul Naseeb Khan. “We are against any voice that can harm Pakistan’s security.”

Sheikh Amjad said that the purpose of Pakistan Zindabad Movement was to highlight the fact that the people were with the armed forces and the country.

Story first published: 17th April 2018

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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