Q-League Expresses Apprehension over PTI’s Opposition Leader


Lahore (September 27, 2017): Following the difference emerged within the PTI ranks for appointment of new opposition leader, the Pakistan Muslim League (Q) has also expressed reservations of the name of Shah Mehmood Qureshi as opposition leader.

In his statement party chief  Chaudhary Shujaat accused that his party was not taken in confidence before appoint of Shah Mehmood as new opposition leader.

“After finalizing the name of the Shah Mehmood we were contacted, it is unfair,” said Ch Shujaat .

The PTI has launched drive recently to dethrone incumbent Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah and got its man elected in his place.

The PTI named Qureshi as its candidate for the slot and a delegation led by him yesterday visited MQM Headquarters to discuss the issued with it.

However, difference emerged in the ranks of PTI as some MNAs have opposed the name of Qureshi, saying that Imran Khan should be opposition leader.

On Tuesday, in a meeting in Karachi, the two opposition parties expressed dissatisfaction with the veteran politician and agreed to consult other opposition parties in a bid to replace Shah, who also serves as chairman of the NA Public Accounts Committee.

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