Qatar launches its second satellite into space

Qatar launches its second satellite into space
Qatar launched its second satellite “Suhail2” after the success of the first satellite “Suhail1” to meet the growing demand for space services in the Middle East and North Africa region.

The “Falcon9” rocket was launched from the “Cape Canaveral” base at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA, carrying the Qatari satellite “Suhail2” into space after arriving earlier at the “Spacex” launch facility at the Kennedy Space Center.

The rocket was successfully launched in cooperation with NASA, as the rocket continued its journey to put the satellite into orbit.

The “Suhail2” is a “DS-2000” satellite that was manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric “Milco”, and will provide multiple media services.

“Suhail2” has proven to have a standard, high capacity, flexible standard for a wide range of applications.  In addition to providing “Ku-band” capacity to support the increased transmission of adjacent areas through the 25.5 East and 26 East orbits, “Suhail2” also features multi “Ka-band” transmission of anti-jamming capabilities to provide secure communications for the business and government sectors across the Middle East.  The spacecraft’s lifespan is over 16 years.

Earlier, in 2013, Qatar launched its “Suhail1” satellite into space aboard the European “Ariane5” from the “Kourou” base in French Guiana.  It was Qatar’s first satellite which took three years to build.

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