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Rabbani Warns Invoke of Article 149 To Have Grave Consequences

Rabbani Warns Invoke of Article 149 To Have Grave Consequences

KARACHI: The Pakistan People Party (PPP) Senator and senior leader Raza Rabbani on Friday demanded fresh elections in the country amid tensions with the federal government over administrative affairs of Karachi.

Addressing a press conference in Karachi, PPP leader Raza Rabbani along with Sindh Information Minister Saeed Ghani said that talk of invoking Article 149 in Karachi would have grave consequences.

“Taking over Karachi administration is illegal and unconstitutional as it is the first step to separate the Karachi from Sindh but if Sindh separated it would have dire consequences,” Rabbani warned.

Former chairman Senate said that the constitution only allowed the federal government to advise the provincial authorities under Article 149, and talks of federal government intervening directly in Karachi were illegal.

“There are lots of states in India that have special status. The fall back in India could harm Pakistan as well. Those who are thinking about article 149 should keep the regional context in mind,” Rabbani said.

Rabbani was referring to the August 5 annexation of Indian-occupied Kashmir by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the military curfew which had followed it, sparking global outrage.

Earlier today, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi had said that the centre would not interfere in the workings of the Sindh government.

Speaking in the National Assembly, Qureshi assured parliamentarians from Sindh that the federal government would not let any harm come in the way of provincial autonomy.

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