Raiwind: Tableeghi Ijtima Concludes with Heart-Rending Prayers


Raiwind (November 12, 2017): The second phase of the Tableeghi ijtima (congregation) concluded here this morning with heart-rending special prayers for glory of Islam, well-being of Muslims, and the progress and security of the country.

The four-day congregation which started on November 9 here in Raiwind, which is about 30 kilometers away from provincial capital Lahore, was attended by hundreds of thousands of faithful from all across the country as well as from all corners of the world.

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Distinguished religious scholars addressing the numerous sessions on each day of the massive congregation stressed upon the faithful to put the pristine diving teachings of Islam in practice so as not only to become a better person themselves but also a productive and caring members of the community they live in.

Making the divine commandments a part of their practical lives speakers after distinguished speakers asked the faithful to shun all that is prohibited by Allah Subhanahu Ta’ala and do what’s ordered.

Speakers stressed on the faithful to offer five daily prayers regularly with congregation at mosque and to be mindful of the rights of Allah Subhanahu Ta’ala and the fellow human beings irrespective of religiom color of skin, nationality, and social status.

Ameer of Tableeghi Jamaat Maulana Abdul Wahab offered the highly moving collective prayers for glory of Islam, and the prosperity and solidarity of the country and the Muslims.

Special security arrangements were made by the law enforcement agencies to avert any eventuality. While the police were manning entry and exits points of the venue besides a security cover all around it, the internal security and administration were handled by volunteers.

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