Rasheed Asks President to Call NA Session Immediately


Rawalpindi (July 28, 2017): Chief of Awami Muslim League Shaikh Rasheed has demanded President Mamnoon Hussain to immediate summon session of National Assembly so that a new leader of House.

Taking to media at his Lal Haveli residence here Rasheed said that Nawaz Sharif holds prefers power over honor.  I had already said that the political coffins of the ruling party would come out of the Supreme Court and today my forecast has come true.

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Vowing to bring PMLN leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to justice Shaikh said that certain opposition parties were covertly in league with Nawaz Sharif.

Addressing Nawaz Sharif sheikh said that “I had told you that you would not be here but I would be.” A new sun of right and truth will dawn in Pakistan after today’s verdict of the apec court, he added.

Referring to Rs 10 billion suit Rasheed said that “he has filed the suit an now I will give the proofs that indeed he is a drug seller.”

Shaikh claimed that Nawaz Sharif tried to offer immense bribe to the judges but they they not even consider these offers worth spitting at.

The Prime Minister House would be vacant before this evening, sheikh claimed.

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