Reham Terms Defam. Notices ‘Effort To Silence A Woman’


Karachi (June 05, 2018 ): Reham Khan, former wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan and a TV presenter, has alleged that the content of her book was ‘stolen’ and that she was being constantly followed wherever she went.

Reham said  in a TV program that the purpose of the notice sent to her was to “harass and threaten her”, terming it an “effort to silence a woman.”

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“They have been doing this to other people for quite some time and they have succeeded in it,” she alleged. The former TV presenter said that she was being followed by “private investigators” in Britain.Reiterating that she had been harassed via emails since August 2017, Reham said that she had been shopping along with her son in UK, where she came across Husain Haqqani, but a private investigator took pictures of that ‘secret meeting’, which she sarcastically noted took place in a market, and shared online.

“All these things are being done because they appear to be too afraid of the book, which I announced publishing,” she said.

The former TV presenter, however, declined to answer questions pertaining to the contents of her book, which is yet to be published.“If Hamza Abbasi received manuscript of the book and, as you said, four other individuals also received it, then it is certainly not sent by me,” she said. “And the claim that they received it from some of our team [member] is not possible for there is no such team for neither I am a political party nor I belong to any institution.

“So whatever they are saying, it shows that there has been a theft. It means that whatever manuscript is there it was obtained illegally,” Reham said.She said”They are saying the book has been published. The book has not been published, neither you have been conveyed a date of its publishing. Why should I answer this? You should ask them where they got it from.

“They should have asked us formally through lawyers about the contents relating to them, we would have provided it to them,” the former TV presenter said. Reham, however, confirmed that she had finished writing her autobiography.

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