Rishi Kapoor spews venom against Pakistan ahead of Champions Trophy final


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MUMBAI: Indian actor Rishi Kapoor continue to spew venom against Pakistan on his Twitter ahead of Pak-India Champions Trophy 2017 final, Samaa reported.

In a tweet, Kapoor had mockingly asked the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to send its cricket team to play the finals as they had send their hockey team or a kho kho team to play in their previous match as their “father” will be playing them.

After Pakistan qualified for the final of ICC Champions Trophy 2017, Kapoor tweeted, “Congratulations Pakistan ! You enter finals? Wow! Good to see you wearing out colour BLUE! Get ready to be BLUED now! we will BLUE you away!”

He also tweeted, “We don’t need to say anything more! Tradition of destroying the opposition,as has always been the case,will continue! Blues are invincible!”

He also accused Pakistan of spreading terrorism.

The Indian actor received a befitting response from Pakistanis.

Arch-rivals Pakistan and India will face each other in the final of the ICC Champions Trophy on June 18th, 2017 at The Oval.

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Story first published: 16th June 2017

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