Rouhani Warns ‘Yemenis Will Make Attacker Regret”


Tehran (December 5, 2017): Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Tuesday that Yemenis would make those attacking their country regret their actions as a Saudi-led coalition pounded the rebel-held capital with heavy air strikes.

In a televised speech Rouhani warned that  “The people of Yemen will make their aggressors regret their actions.”

Rouhani’s warning has come a day after the killing of ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh by Iran-backed Huthi rebels triggered a renewed Saudi-backed offensive on the Yemeni capital Sanaa.

Saudi Arabia, Iran’s main regional rival, has been leading a coalition against the Huthis in a war that has cost thousands of lives and become the world’s worst humanitarian crisis according to the United Nations.

Tehran denies direct military support for the Huthis, but a recent UN report said a missile fired by the rebels into Saudi Arabia appeared to have been designed and built in Iran.

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