A Russian cargo plane made an emergency landing at Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport on Tuesday afternoon after it developed a technical fault.

The Russian plane that flew from the Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan, was heading to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) when it developed a technical fault and landed in Karachi after getting permission from the Air Traffic Control (ATC).


PIA Aircraft Denied Take-Off Due to Possible Fault

Some aviation sources said that the plane had no major fault and it landed for refueling. The cargo plane flew off after a brief stay at the Jinnah Terminal.

In April this year, an Indian cargo plane made an emergency landing at the New Islamabad International Airport for fuel re-filling. The cargo aircraft DM 2112 was en route from Kolkata to Georgia when it landed at the Islamabad International Airport for refueling.


PK-8303 Crash Report Identifies the Culprit Behind Karachi Aircraft Crash [Update]

It stayed at the airport for 40 minutes and then took off for its destination. The incident followed an April 4 incident when a Pakistan’s Air Traffic Controller (ATC) had guided two Indian planes flying for Europe.

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