SA Restores Bio Metric Condition For Umrah Pilgrims


Lahore (December 01, 2017):  Pakistani citizens aspiring to perform Umrah will now have to get themselves bio-metrically verified before applying for the visa. Without the mandatory bio-metric verification, people will not be able to submit their applications in the Saudi embassy for Umrah visas.

The government of Saudi Arabia has restored the condition of bio metric attestation for Umrah pilgrimage from Pakistan as it will come into effect from December 4.

In a statement issued by the Saudi embassy said that the condition of the collection of fingerprints for the biometric verification of people aspiring to perform Umrah has been restored that will come into effect from December 4, however people well over 45 have immunity from the procedure.

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SA embassy spokesperson told that the children less than 12 years will be exempted from bio metric condition.

On November 4 Saudi Embassy has postponed implementation of bio metric condition till first week of the December saying SA government was preferring interests of the Pakistanis.

Earlier on October 30, Saudi Arabia had introduced biometric verification system for those going for Umrah, however the company supposed to carry out this task did not make proper arrangements which ultimately created big trouble for the pilgrims.

The Saudi embassy said once done, the biometric verification would provide relief to the people of Pakistan from waiting in long queues at Jeddah airport.

The Umrah aspirants should take appointment from Etimad for biometric registration to avoid inconvenience.

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