Saif Doesn’t Let His Flop Films Kill His Confidence


Web Desk (December 7, 2017): Saif Ali Khan’s films have not been doing so well of late, but he doesn’t let that get to him.

During the trailer launch of his upcoming film Kaalakaandi, the Bollywood actor said that though his films have not been faring well at the box office, he still has hope that ‘things will fall into place.’

“It’s easy to think that people no longer want to see me in a film. But I don’t do that. I get my confidence back every time, irrespective of whether my film works or not. I’ll keep working and hopefully, things will fall into place,” he said.

He revealed that he’s “thinking more like an actor” now.

“I quite like the reputation of being an actor as well. What I mean by that is, I am thinking more like an actor than a star these days,” added Saif. “I just want to be creatively satisfied. I want to feel good doing it, and I don’t want to follow rules. I don’t want to be worried about anything as long as I have integrity and I am working hard.”

And he’s confident his new film will be well-received, “Kaalakaandi is a film I am proud of. It is a fun film. I think my acting has improved working with some of these guys.”

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