Sajjad hopeful from Thailand tour

Sajjad hopeful from Thailand tour
Sajjad hopeful from Thailand tour

KARACHI: Pakistan’s Muhammad Sajjad will be competing at the Sangsom 6-Red Championship in Thailand on September 4 and believes he can emulate his performance from the Asian 6-Red Championship next month too.

Sajjad, who won the national championship earlier this year and qualified to represent the country in 6-Red Asian Championship as well, said that so far this invitation tournament in Thailand is one of the most competitive events in the circuit.

“I’m preparing to the best of my ability,” Sajjad told The Express Tribune from Islamabad, where he is training with other players for the Asian Indoor Games as well, which will take place from September 17. “Sangsom 6-Red has been a regular fixture but it is tougher because the top players are only invited to compete there. We’ve reached the quarters in that tournament previously, I have a good experience of it and my aim will be to perform as well as I did to win the Asian 6-Red.”

Sajjad said that this time around there will be top 16 players instead of 32 and the competition will be cut-throat with professional and former professional players looking for a win in Bangkok.

“I think Indian players are very good, Thai players have a better chance too and then we will be seeing players from England and other countries. This event is unique because it is among the best players in the amateur circuit, all of them are ranked above 100,” said Sajjad.

He feels that having a coach at the tour is something that he feels missing for the Pakistani participants.

He explained that the cueists can prepare on their own, but during the events a coach can analyse their performances and guide them to rectify their weaknesses at a match.

“We are always playing at the tournaments so of course we don’t get to know where we are making a mistake, how we played a particular match, and how are we doing comparatively at the time. If we get a coach though, he can let us know about our strategic mistakes and weaknesses that we can remove in the next match at the tournament,” said Sajjad.

He added that he will be hoping for a good draw and will need some luck. The IBSF 6-Red Team Championship runner-up also said that he is training for at least eight hours every day along with other players and he will be spending Eidul Azha while travelling.

“It is something that we need to do for the country,” said Sajjad. “But it is worth staying away from our families too when it comes to representing Pakistan abroad. I need some luck for this event too, but I’m confident of my preparation.”

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